Journalism (JRNL)

JRNL 1000 Introduction to Mass Media (TAG) 3 Credits

This course provides an overview of modern mass media systems and industries and the historical context for their development. It also explores contemporary interrelationships among the media, discusses future media systems, and reviews major trends in media research to provide an analytical framework for media consumption, and provides students the opportunity to gain hands-on newswriting experience.

(3 contact hours)

JRNL 1100 News Writing and Reporting I 3 Credits

This course introduces students to the basic principles of media writing for print, broadcast, and public relations. The course emphasizes news style and routine news coverage including interviewing techniques and news judgement.

(3 contact hours)

JRNL 1200 Publication Writing, Editing and Design 4 Credits

This course offers an introduction to an editor's responsibilities, with an emphasis on copyediting skills, headline writing, art selection and sizing, and editing for accuracy, taste, libel, readability, news judgment, and news values. It introduces students to the fundamentals of publication design through publication assignments.

(6 contact hours: 2 lecture, 4 lab)

JRNL 1300 News Writing and Reporting II 3 Credits

Prerequisite: JRNL 1100.

As the continuation of JRNL 1100 News Writing and Reporting I, this course emphasizes more complex forms of news reporting and news gathering through coverage of community news and events. It provides students with news reporting experience via the use of public records, coverage of community events, and computer-assisted news gathering techniques.

(3 contact hours)

JRNL 1500 Newspaper Staff Practice 1 Credit

Prerequisite: JRNL 1100 This course is designed for students interested in obtaining practical journalism experience in the writing, editing, and production of the college newspaper.

Students may take this course up to six times for credit.

(3 contact hours: 3 lab)