Chinese (CHIN)

CHIN 1001 Elementary Chinese I 4 Credits

This course is the first in the two-course Elementary Chinese sequence. It introduces the study of the sound system-syllable structures, tones - and the basic language expressions pertaining to daily activities in life. Students will also learn Chinese character writing in each lesson of the textbook. Students will speak, listen, read, and write in simulated situations and will be equipped with some level of cultural understanding suitable for correct performance of assigned tasks in Chinese. The course includes intensive listening comprehension training through the use of audiovisual and multimedia materials and discussion of various topics.

(4 contact hours)

CHIN 1002 Elementary Chinese II 4 Credits

Prerequisite: CHIN 1001 or permission of instructor.

This course is the second in the two-course Elementary Chinese sequence. It covers comparative sentences; descriptive, potential, directional and resultative complements, as well as prepositions, question pronouns; and continuation of action/non-action and passive voice. Students will learn Chinese characters pertaining to each lesson in the text. The course continues intensive comprehension training and cultural discussion.

(4 contact hours)