German (GERM)

GERM 1001 Elementary German I 4 Credits

This course introduces German phonology and basic grammar, with emphasis on conversation, pronunciation, listening, reading, and writing. It covers basic vocabulary, gender, subject pronouns, singular and plural interrogatives, negation, basic verb conjugation and stem-vowel changes, possessive adjectives, imperatives, two-way prepositions, and nominative, accusative and dative cases.

(4 contact hours)

GERM 1002 Elementary German II 4 Credits

Prerequisite: GERM 1001 or permission of instructor.

A continuation of GERM 1001 Elementary German I, the grammar covered in this class includes modal verbs, time expressions, past tense of sein, haben and the modals, and reflexive constructions. This course makes extensive use of graded reading materials involving cross-cultural situations corresponding to chapters in the text.

(4 contact hours)

GERM 2001 Intermediate German I: Conversation and Grammar 3 Credits

Prerequisite: GERM 1002 or permission of instructor.

This course completes the overview of German grammar and emphasizes the use of the language through conversational activities based on readings and role-playing activities. This course is taught in German.

(3 contact hours)

GERM 2002 Intermediate German II: Culture and Civilization 3 Credits

Prerequisite: GERM 2001 or permission of instructor.

This course introduces students to the culture and civilization of the German-speaking world through readings from various sources, films and documentaries, class discussions, reports and oral presentations. This course is taught in German.

(3 contact hours)