Field Experience (FLDX)

FLDX 1000 Field Experience 1-9 Credits

Prerequisite: working towards a Lakeland degree or certificate, completion of at least 10 credits including at least 2 courses related to the student's field of study, minimum 2.0 GPA, approval of experiential education coordinator.

Field experience is planned, paid, work activity which relates to the students' occupational objectives and which a student takes with the permission of a faculty advisor in lieu of elective or required courses in their program. The student must obtain the consent of a faculty member who will serve as their advisor. The faculty advisor will assist the student in planning the experience, visit the site of the experience for a conference with the student and the student's supervisor at least once during the semester, and assign the course grade after appropriate consultation with the employer/supervisor. Field experience must relate to the students' educational goal. Before registering for this course, students must be hired in an approved field experience position, and the employer must accept the student and the work plan. Students will receive one credit for a minimum of 12 clock hours of approved field experience scheduled during a standard workweek. For example, 36 hours per week for 15 weeks will warrant 3 semester credit hours. Students may repeat this course until they accumulate 9 credits. NOTE: Students may apply a maximum of 9 credits in field experience, or in any combination of field experience, cooperative work experience, and/or practicum to an associate degree program.