A Message from the President

Welcome to Lakeland Community College!

You now join the ranks of tens of thousands of people who have come here to get a great start on a college education or a good career. Since 1967, Lakeland has awarded more than 43,000 degrees and certificates.

Through the years, we have seen that for every goal, there is a plan that will help you achieve it; and for every vision of a bright, rewarding future, there is a path that will take you there. Whether you are here to earn an associate degree or earn credits to transfer to a four-year college or university, we'll help you design a plan that gets you where you want to be.

We realize the many of our students have barriers such as cost, time or personal obligations. That’s why we work hard to keep tuition low and offer flexible class scheduling.

Once you get underway in your classes, you might find that you need a little extra help to understand the coursework. We have many resources in place, so please don’t hesitate to use them. I encourage you to take advantage of the learning center where you can get free tutoring in a variety of subjects. For students with work or family responsibilities, help with time management is also available. Our friendly staff is ready to help you stay focused, learn new things, and make the most of your Lakeland experience.

When you complete your studies at Lakeland, staying close to home to earn a bachelor’s degree may be important to you. If that is the case, Lakeland’s Holden University Center makes bachelor’s degree programs accessible from a variety of leading colleges and universities. You can stay here, but still go far in your education.

We are grateful and honored that you’ve allowed Lakeland to play a key role in your lives.

On behalf of Lakeland’s board of trustees, management team, faculty and staff, we wish you all the best on your college journey.

Morris W. Beverage Jr., EDM
Lakeland Community College
Class of 1974