Italian (ITAL)

ITAL 1001 Elementary Italian I 4 Credits

This introductory course is a study of functional Italian, with emphasis on speaking and writing the language. It covers basic sentence structure, grammatical points, and the indicative tenses. The course includes intensive work on pronunciation problems and stresses the use of the language through simple conversations, readings, and written exercises.

(4 contact hours)

ITAL 1002 Elementary Italian II 4 Credits

Prerequisite: ITAL 1001 or permission of instructor.

This course is a continuation of ITAL 1001 Elementary Italian I. Students will continue to learn the basic rules of Italian grammar and syntax and to acquire the basic vocabulary needed for oral and written expression at the elementary level. The course introduces cultural materials along with the language materials.

(4 contact hours)

ITAL 2001 Intermediate Italian I: Conversation and Grammar 3 Credits

Prerequisite: ITAL 1002 or permission of instructor.

The course completes the overview of Italian grammar and emphasizes the use of the language through conversational activities based on readings and role-playing activities.

(3 contact hours)

ITAL 2002 Intermediate Italian II: Culture and Civilization 3 Credits

Prerequisite: ITAL 2001 or permission of instructor.

This course introduces students to the culture and civilization of the Italian-speaking world through readings from various sources, films and documentaries, class discussions, reports, and oral presentations. This course is taught in Italian.

(3 contact hours)