Health Care Services (HLTH)

HLTH 1010 Introduction to Health Careers 2 Credits

This course introduces students to varied careers in healthcare and the educational, legal, and professional requirements of those careers. Course work includes researching healthcare professions and corresponding education at Lakeland, the use of electronic media in healthcare, workplace readiness skills, and the characteristics of successful healthcare employees.

(2 contact hours)

HLTH 1100 Introduction to U.S. Health Care System 2 Credits

This course provides an introduction to the various aspects and trends that affect healthcare professions and healthcare systems, including federal regulations, credentialing, economics, and population changes.

(2 contact hours)

HLTH 1150 Introduction to Electronic Health Records 1 Credit

Prerequisite: HLTH 1215 or permission of instructor Students will learn about the use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) in healthcare including EHR documentation basics.

They will also learn terminology and examine security issues associated with EHRs. Students should be experienced with the use of Windows-based software. Although it is not a prerequisite for this course, students with little or no computer experience will benefit from having taken ITIS 1000 prior to taking this course.

(1 contact hour)

HLTH 1160 Health Coach I 2 Credits

This course introduces pre-health career students to the concept of a health coach to assist case managers with home visits after discharge from a care facility. The course will introduce learners to health coach concepts, role, and issues. It places emphasis on healthcare, coaching skills, communication skills, motivational interviewing, ethical and legal considerations, health, nutrition and wellness, disease and mental health, and accessing community resources.

(4 contact hours: 1 lecture, 3 lab)

HLTH 1170 Health Coach Externship 1 Credit

Prerequisite: CPR-American Heart Association: Healthcare Provider, HLTH 1160.

This course specializes in the application of skills acquired in HLTH 1160 Health Coach I. Students will gain experience in performing Health Coach skills with a supervising registered nurse (RN).

(13 contact hours: 13 clinical)

HLTH 1215 Medical Terminology for Health Professions (CTAG, TAG) 3 Credits

This course introduces medical terminology used by personnel in hospitals and other health-related fields. It places emphasis on terms related to normal anatomy and physiology, common disease conditions, operative techniques, diagnostic measures, and various methods of treatment. The course focuses on the urinary, gastrointestinal, nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, eye and ear, musculoskeletal, reproductive, blood, endocrine, lymphatic, and skin systems and oncology and psychiatry terminology.

(3 contact hours)

HLTH 1238 Structure, Function, Disease, and Therapeutics of the Human Body 4 Credits

This course introduces students to basic human body structure and function using the body-systems approach. It emphasizes the interrelationships between body system structure and function with common diseases, diagnostic tests and treatments.

(4 contact hours)

HLTH 1240 Phlebotomy 3 Credits

Prerequisite: HLTH 1215, admission to the Phlebotomy program or admission to the Medical Assisting program or permission of the Phlebotomy program coordinator.

This course introduces and reinforces the theory and practice of phlebotomy. Students will become familiar with the evacuated tube, syringe, butterfly, and capillary methods of blood collection. The course also introduces point-of-care testing and CLIA waived laboratory test procedures along with collection, processing, and handling of nonblood and blood samples. It explores errors in the pre-analytical process and their effect on laboratory results. Laboratory procedures include venipuncture, capillary puncture, and point-of-care testing.

(5 contact hours: 2 lecture, 3 lab)

HLTH 1254 Home Health Aide 1 Credit


Current State Tested Nursing Assistant certification. This course provides students with knowledge and skills to perform as a homemaker- home health aide. Students will study communication, health and safety issues and strategies, and methods of providing holistic care to clients with culturally diverse and special needs backgrounds.

(2 contact hours: 0.5 lecture, 1.5 lab)

HLTH 1256 Acute Care Specialty 2 Credits


Current State Tested Nursing Assistant certification. This course provides students with knowledge and skills to perform as an aide in an adult acute care setting. Students will study adult daily living skills, infection control practices, nutritional basics, adult mobility concepts, and safety and legal issues.

(4 contact hours: 1 lecture, 3 lab)

HLTH 1260 Phlebotomy Clinical Practicum 2 Credits

Prerequisite: HLTH 1240, HLTH 1265 (must be taken concurrently).

This course specializes in the practice of phlebotomy procedures as performed by students in the clinical laboratory or associated facilities, with practical application of phlebotomy techniques learned in HLTH 1240 Phlebotomy.

(12 contact hours: 12 clinical)

HLTH 1265 Phlebotomy Seminar 1 Credit

Prerequisite: HLTH 1260 (must be taken concurrently).

This course specializes in the issues and trends in healthcare, including ethics and law, government regulations, professional development, employment opportunities, interviewing techniques, resume writing and job seeking skills. The course includes discussion of practicum experiences.

(1 contact hour)

HLTH 1300 Nutrition and Family Health (TAG) 2 Credits

This course provides non-nursing majors with an overview of basic nutrition principles. Students will investigate nutrition goals, requirements, and problems of young adults, older adults, pregnant women, infants, preschoolers, children, and adolescents. Students will learn to evaluate food products for their nutritional value, using reliable nutrition information, food guides, and food labels. The course places emphasis on energy balance and maintaining good health by making good nutrition choices.

(2 contact hours)

HLTH 1310 Nutrition and Diet Therapy 2 Credits

This course, designed for nursing students, provides fundamental theoretical knowledge related to the basic principles of nutrition. It places emphasis on the practical application of these principles to diet therapy requirements for maintenance of wellness in all age groups. Although it is not a prerequisite for this course, students will benefit from having taken BIOL 1200 Fundamentals of Biology for the Health Technologies prior to taking this course.

(2 contact hours)

HLTH 1350 Nursing Assistant 4 Credits

This course introduces basic knowledge and skills for care of the clients in a nursing home or long-term care facility. Successful completion of this course qualifies students to take the Ohio Department of Health’s Training Competency Evaluation Test to become a State-Tested Nursing Assistant.

(7.25 contact hours: 3 lecture, 2.25 lab, 2 clinical)

HLTH 1400 Customer Service and Healthcare 2 Credits

This course explores the definition and characteristics of healthcare customers and the importance of customer service in today's competitive healthcare market. It emphasizes patient rights and responsibilities, complaint resolution, verbal and non-verbal communication, telephone etiquette and interviewing skills, and laws and regulations as they apply to customer service.

(2 contact hours)

HLTH 1500 Ethics and Legal Issues for Health Professionals 2 Credits

An introduction to ethical and legal concepts for health care professionals serve as the foundation of this course. Basic definitions, concepts, and current issues related to clinical law and eithics for healthcare professionals are among the topics covered. Case studies are a primary tool used to explore ethical decision-making models.

(2 contact hours)

HLTH 1600 Basic Pharmacology 2 Credits

Prerequisite: HLTH 1215 (can be taken concurrently), MATH 0745 or placement into MATH 0850.

This course introduces basic principles and concepts of pharmacology, including dosage calculations, drug classifications and uses, sources of drugs, storage and handling of medications, prescribing and dispensing drugs, drug abuse and the role of the healthcare provider concerning medications. The course includes record keeping, documentation and legal concerns.

(2 contact hours)

HLTH 1700 Basic Electrocardiography 2 Credits

Prerequisite: HLTH 1215.

This course provides fundamental knowledge of electrocardiography testing, including the anatomy and physiology of the heart and circulatory system, electrophysiology, electrocardiography techniques, and common arrhythmia.

(3 contact hours: 1 lecture, 2 lab)

HLTH 2100 Pathophysiology (TAG) 3 Credits

Prerequisite: BIOL 2220 or certification in a health profession.

This course provides an introduction to the fundamental concepts of disease processes and specific disorders of the major body systems. It is designed for students or practitioners in the health professions who desire to increase their understanding of the changes occurring in physiology due to an abnormality.

(3 contact hours)