Engineering (ENGR)

ENGR 1000 Introduction to Engineering Technology (CTAG) 2 Credits

Prerequisite: A grade of SC or better in MATH 0850 or placement into MATH 0950 or MATH 1400.

This course introduces students to various fields of engineering technology. Students will learn and apply problem-solving methods while performing laboratory experiments related to engineering technology. Students will use word processing and spreadsheet applications to create laboratory reports and technical papers. Students will also use library resources and the Internet to complete assignments and will gain an introduction to quality concepts and ethics relating to engineering.

(4 contact hours: 1 lecture, 3 lab)

ENGR 2800 Engineering Co-Op Experience 1-3 Credits

Prerequisite: ENGR 1000, MATH 1400, MATH 1649 or MATH 1650, minimum 2.5 GPA, approval of experiential education coordinator.

Co-op experience is a planned, paid, work activity which relates to students' specialized occupational objectives and which students take in lieu of elective or required courses in their program with the permission of a faculty advisor. Students may repeat this course until they accumulate 9 credits. NOTE: Students may apply a maximum of 9 credits in cooperative work experience, or in any combination of cooperative work experience, field experience, and/or practicum to an associate degree program.