Interdisciplinary Studies (IDST)

IDST 1200 Introduction to Women's Studies 3 Credits

This interdisciplinary course examines contemporary women's experiences from both an international and historical perspective. The course introduces students to major concepts, issues, and methods in the field of Women's Studies by drawing on current research in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences.

(3 contact hours)

IDST 2400 The Spanish Speaking World 3 Credits

This interdisciplinary course examines political, demographic, cultural, ethnical, economic, and social aspects of the Spanish speaking world. The course introduces students to the study of the cultural variety of the Spanish speaking world through the reading and analysis of a variety of texts, journalism, literature, art, folklore, film, documentaries, and demographics. The course places special focus on the contributions that different Hispanic communities have made to the United States, as well as their current role and situation in our society. This course is taught in English. Because of similarities in course content, students who have taken SPAN 2002 Intermediate Spanish II should not take this course.

(3 contact hours)