Phlebotomy Certificate/Area of Specialization (3601)

This certificate/area of specialization provides students with the skill and knowledge to collect blood samples by venipuncture and skin puncture. As vital members of the healthcare team, phlebotomists must be able to collect quality samples from patients, assuring quality laboratory results and conforming to current CDC and OSHA guidelines. Phlebotomists must like challenge and responsibility and be able to communicate effectively with patients, laboratory personnel, and other healthcare professionals. After completion of this program, students are eligible to take a national certification exam.

All students enrolled in a nursing or allied health program/certificate must complete a criminal background check.  In accordance with clinical site requirements, students with a criminal record may be ineligible to participate in a clinical course/rotation/practicum. Delays, for any reason, in obtaining background results may cause an interruption in the clinical rotation sequence or inability to complete program requirements. Additional background screening may be required by individual facilities.

Drug testing may be requested in accordance with clinical affiliation requirements and/or for patient/student health and safety.

A minimum GPA of 2.0 and a "C" grade or higher is required in all science and program-specific courses for graduation. Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grades may not be used to fulfill health program requirements.

Students must apply for admission to this certificate/area of specialization. Students should contact the program director for details about applying for admission to the program.

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredit Hours
HLTH 1215 Medical Terminology for Health Professions 3
HLTH 1238 Structure, Function, Disease, and Therapeutics of the Human Body 4
HLTH 1400 Customer Service and Healthcare 2
 Credit Hours9
Second Semester
1st 8 weeks
HLTH 1150 Introduction to Electronic Health Records 1
HLTH 1240 Phlebotomy 3
2nd 8 weeks
HLTH 1260 Phlebotomy Clinical Practicum 2
HLTH 1265 Phlebotomy Seminar 1
 Credit Hours7
 Total Credit Hours16