Medical Coding Certificate/Area of Specialization (3261)

This certificate/area of specialization prepares students for classifying medical data from patient records in hospital and physician-based settings. Students in the medical coding certificate/area of specialization gain knowledge in medical terminology, disease processes, pharmacology, reimbursement methodologies, ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, and CPT coding systems.

Hospitals, physicians' offices and insurance companies employ individuals with knowledge and skill in the language and science of medicine and its coding system. These coding practitioners review patients' records and assign numeric codes for each diagnosis and procedure. Coded information is used to determine and secure appropriate reimbursement for healthcare services rendered.

After completion of the certificate, students may choose to continue their education and earn the A.A.S. in Health Information Management Technology. Medical coding certificate courses are applicable toward the A.A.S. degree.

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredit Hours
ENGL 2201
Introduction to Technical Writing 1
or English Composition I (A)
or English Composition I (B)
HLTH 1215 Medical Terminology for Health Professions 3
 Credit Hours5-6
Second Semester
HLTH 1150 Introduction to Electronic Health Records 1
HLTH 1238
Structure, Function, Disease, and Therapeutics of the Human Body 2
or Anatomy and Physiology I
 Credit Hours5
Third Semester
HIMT 1225 Outpatient Procedure Coding 2
HIMT 2070 Inpatient and Outpatient Diagnostic Coding 3
HIMT 2080 Inpatient Procedure Coding 2
 Credit Hours7
Fourth Semester
HIMT 2535 Reimbursement Methodologies 3
HIMT 2540 Advanced Coding 3
HIMT 2547 Medical Coding Capstone 1
 Credit Hours7
 Total Credit Hours24-25

Students planning on completing an associate degree should choose ENGL 1110 English Composition I (A) or ENGL 1111 English Composition I (B).  This course selection is based on placement test results (ENGL 1111 English Composition I (B) is 4 credits, only 3 credits apply to the certificate).


Students planning on completing a health-related associate degree program should choose BIOL 2210 Anatomy and Physiology I.