Surgical Technology

Programs offered
Gainful Employment Program Name Program Type Area of Study
No Surgical Technology (9335) , AAS Degree SURG

SURG 1000 Sterile Processing Certification Preparation 2 Credits

Prerequisite: high school graduate/GED, must be employed within a sterile processing department at a health care facility.

This basic course is designed for the sole purpose of preparing the working sterile processing technician for Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) or Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution (CBSPD) certification. This course covers decontamination, disinfection and sterilization basics, along with identification of basic surgical instruments. Course tuition does not include the costs related to acquiring certification.

(2.5 contact hours: 1.5 lecture, 1 lab)

SURG 1100 Surgical Technology I 5 Credits

Prerequisite: admission to Surgical Technology program.

This course introduces the concepts and foundations of surgical technology including the standard of care, regulatory issues, and legal aspects of working as a surgical technologist. Students will learn aseptic and sterile techniques, the use and care of basic surgical instrumentation, and the relationship of the surgical technologist's role in the intraoperative environment.

(9 contact hours: 3 lecture, 6 lab)

SURG 1300 Surgical Technology II 7 Credits

Prerequisite: SURG 1100 or permission of instructor.

This course presents the role of the surgical technologist in the intraoperative setting. This course emphasizes surgery-specific anatomy and physiology of the tissue planes of the human body, surgical site management, hemostasis, electrosurgery, lasers, endoscopy, anesthesia techniques, and introduction to surgical pharmacology. Students will apply knowledge and skills in a clinical environment.

(15 contact hours: 4 lecture, 3 lab, 8 clinical)

SURG 1500 Surgical Pharmacology 2 Credits

Prerequisite: Admission to the Surgical Technology program or NURS 2750 or permission of instructor.

This course prepares the sterile and the unsterile surgical team members to safely prepare, handle, administer, and monitor pharmacologic agents in the sterile environment.

(2 contact hours)

SURG 2100 Surgical Technology III 5 Credits

Prerequisite: SURG 1300 or permission of instructor.

This course presents intermediate level participation in the operating room as a student surgical technologist. Students will learn to manage infection control issues including equipment and instrument decontamination, disinfection, and sterilization. Students will learn to take and report patient vital signs and help the team manage intraoperative complications.

(11 contact hours: 3 lecture, 8 clinical)

SURG 2300 Surgical Technology IV 7 Credits

Prerequisite: BIOL 2220, SURG 2100; or permission of instructor.

This course presents a continuation of patient care in the intraoperative setting as performed by the intermediate- to advanced-level surgical technologist. The student will scrub independently with minimal assistance from a preceptor for surgical procedures of the following organs and body systems: breast, plastics, head and neck, ophthalmic, nonorthopaedic upper and lower extremities, endovascular, genitourinary, gynecologic, and gastrointestinal.

(20 contact hours: 4 lecture, 16 clinical)

SURG 2500 Surgical Technology V 7 Credits

Prerequisite: SURG 2300 or permission of instructor.

This course presents a continuation of patient care in the intraoperative setting as performed by the advanced level student surgical technologist. This course prepares the student to perform in the position of first scrub surgical technologist in procurement/transplants, neurologic, orthopaedic, spine, cardiac, and vascular procedures. The course will also discuss age-specific patient populations. Students will apply skills learned in a clinical environment. Students will sit for the national certification examination through the National Board for Surgical Technology and Surgical Assisting (NBSTSA).

(20 contact hours: 4 lecture, 16 clinical)

SURG 2600 Surgical Technology Seminar 1 Credit

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.

This course introduces topics of postgraduation professional and employment interest to surgical technologists, including selected management activities, role as first assistant in surgery, certification exam review planning, time management, resume writing, and job interviewing.

(1 contact hour)