Geospatial Technology Skills Certificate (6802)

The Geospatial Technology Skills Certificate is designed to be earned in conjunction with, or after completion of a two-year degree in a related field. The certificate is especially relevant for students who plan to transfer into a bachelor’s degree program where basic geospatial information systems (GIS) and remote sensing skills are in demand, such as geosciences, ecology, biology, sociology, criminal justice, urban planning, civil engineering, or a related field. The certificate does not require special admissions. Students interested in pursuing a career in the geospatial field should consider the Associate of Applied Science degree in Geospatial Technology (9680) or the Geospatial Technology Certificate (6801).

Course Title Credit Hours
GEOG 1400Mapping Technologies3
GEOG 1700Map Design and Interpretation3
GEOG 2700Geographic Information Science3
GEOG 2730Remote Sensing3
Certificate Total12