Geospatial Technology Certificate (6801)

The Geospatial Technology Certificate is designed to prepare students for a career in the geospatial industry . The certificate includes the geospatial technology core requirements of the Associate of Applied Science (AAS) major, plus a course in spatial analysis and modeling. Students may earn the certificate in addition to the AAS degree, and this certificate is especially designed for students who want to earn technical skills in addition to their two-year or four-year degree program to pursue a career in geospatial technology or a closely related field.

Students must meet specific admission requirements for this program and are advised to meet with a counselor or the program director.  All prerequisite courses or their equivalent must be completed prior to acceptance in the Geospatial Technology certificate program.

Provisional admission may be granted to students currently enrolled in the prerequisite courses, if all courses are completed before enrollment in first semester of the certificate program. Coursework in this certificate includes prerequisites that are not included in the certificate. Students with equivalent courses, knowledge, and experience may request to have prerequisites waived prior to admission to the program.

Students must complete the following courses prior to program admission:

A minimum of 30 credit hours of for-credit college-level work with GPA of at least 2.0, including all of the following courses or their equivalents (with a grade of C or better): ENGL 1110 English Composition I (A) or ENGL 1111 English Composition I (B)ITIS 1005 Computer Essentials, and one college-level mathematics course.

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredit Hours
GEOG 1700 Map Design and Interpretation 3
 Credit Hours3
Second Semester
GEOG 2700 Geographic Information Science 3
GEOG 2730 Remote Sensing 3
 Credit Hours6
Third Semester
GEOG 2710 Spatial Data Acquisition and Management 3
GEOG 2750 Spatial Analysis and Modeling 3
 Credit Hours6
Fourth Semester
GEOG 2780 Internship and Seminar in Geospatial Technology 2
 Credit Hours2
 Total Credit Hours17