Culinary Arts Technology (9730)

The culinary arts technology program consists of culinary technical core courses and general education basic and related courses. The degree program is operated jointly by Lakeland and the International Culinary Arts and Sciences Institute (ICASI).

Students who successfully complete the ICASI Culinary Arts Program required courses and receive the ICASI Culinary Arts Advanced Techniques Diploma are awarded 30 semester credit hours which can be applied towards an Associate of Technical Studies (ATS) degree in Culinary Arts technology. The ATS degree requires that the students complete a minimum of 30 additional credit hours in prescribed general education, basic and related core courses at Lakeland.

Culinary Arts required courses are delivered by ICASI in Chesterland, Ohio, and the tuition, fees, and payment and refund schedules are determined by ICASI. General education, basic and related course requirements are delivered by Lakeland Community College. Tuition, fees, and payment and refund schedules for Lakeland courses are set by the college.

ICASI Required Courses

Course Title Credit Hours
CA 1100Culinary Arts Basic Techniques 1
CA 1200Culinary Arts Basic Techniques 2
CA 2100Culinary Arts Advance Techniques 1
CA 2200Culinary Arts Advanced Techniques 2
CA 2300Baking and Pastry Techniques
LS 1100Sanitation
LS 2100Nutrition and Healthy Cooking
LS 2200Food Service Management 1
LS 2300Food Service Management 2
CA 2400ICASI Student Cafe
CA 2500Culinary Arts Externship
Total Credit Hours30

Lakeland General/Basic/Related Courses

Course Title Credit Hours
ACCT 1100Introduction to Financial Accounting4
BUSM 1800Essentials of Management and Supervision3
COMM 1100Effective Interpersonal Communications3
ECON 1150Basic Economics3
ENGL 1110English Composition I (A) 13
or ENGL 1111 English Composition I (B)
ENGL 1120English Composition II3
FYEX 1000First Year Experience1
HLTH 1300Nutrition and Family Health2
MATH 1600Survey of College Mathematics3
Select course(s) from the Arts and Humanities Electives list3
Select course(s) from related electives list3
Total Credit Hours31

English course selection is based on placement test results (ENGL 1111 English Composition I (B) is 4 credits, only 3 credits apply to the degree).


Course Title Credit Hours
Arts and Humanities Electives
ARTS 1120Art Appreciation3
ARTS 2220Survey of Art I3
ARTS 2230Survey of Art II3
ENGL 2250Survey of American Literature I3
ENGL 2260Survey of American Literature II3
ENGL 2280Survey of British Literature I3
ENGL 2290Survey of British Literature II3
HUMX 1100Introduction to Humanities3
MUSC 1200Music Appreciation3
MUSC 1215World Music3
MUSC 1800Popular Music: Rock, Jazz, Country, and Hip-Hop3
MUSC 2200Music History and Literature I3
MUSC 2250Music History and Literature II3
PHIL 1500Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL 2000Comparative Religion3
Related Electives
BUSM 1300Introduction to Business3
BUSM 1330Business Ethics3
BUSM 1400Professional Personal Selling3
BUSM 2100Business Law I3
ITIS 1005Computer Essentials3