Computer Science/Software Engineering Concentration (9259)

This concentration is designed for students planning to transfer to a bachelor degree program in computer science or computer information systems. In addition to being a transfer program, this program will help students who are interested in game and entertainment programming acquire the fundamental skills to get started. Students should consult a Lakeland counselor prior to beginning this program in order to ensure maximum transferability.

NOTE:  Students must fulfill the following requirements for this program:

  • Place into MATH 1700 Trigonometry OR complete MATH 1650 College Algebra (A) with a “C” grade or higher

NOTE:  Students planning to transfer to a four-year college are encouraged to take ENGL 1120 English Composition II in addition to the following requirements.

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredit Hours
ENGL 1110
English Composition I (A) 1
or English Composition I (B)
FYEX 1000 First Year Experience 1
ITCS 1010 Programming Logic 3
ITCS 1011 History of Computing 2
ITIS 1007 Principles of Information Technology and Computer Science 3
MATH 1700 Trigonometry 3
 Credit Hours15
Second Semester
BUSM 2400 Business Communication 3
CPET 1120 C Prog for Technicians 3
ITCS 1820 Java Programming I 3
ITCS 1870 Python Programming I 3
MATH 2500 Calculus and Analytical Geometry I 5
 Credit Hours17
Third Semester
CHEM 1500
General Chemistry I 2
or Science and Engineering Physics I
ITCS 2080 Fundamentals of Software Engineering 3
ITCS 2870 Data Structures 4
MATH 2600 Calculus and Analytical Geometry II 5
 Credit Hours17
Fourth Semester
ITCS 2012 Discrete Structures 3
ITCS 2875 Computer Architecture and Organization 3
ITDB 1401 SQL Programming and Database Design 3
ITIS 2890 Information Technology and Computer Science Capstone 2
ITON 1205 Network+ and Networking Essentials 2
Select course(s) from the Arts and Humanities Electives list 3
 Credit Hours16
 Total Credit Hours65

English course selection is based on placement test results (ENGL 1111 English Composition I (B) is 4 credits, only 3 credits apply to the degree).


Students should discuss the choice of science courses with their advisor.

Technical course
This course is designated as a technical course in the program. Students must earn a "C" grade or higher in the course to fulfill the college's graduation requirements policy.


Course Title Credit Hours
Arts and Humanities
ARTS 1120Art Appreciation3
ARTS 2220Survey of Art I3
ARTS 2230Survey of Art II3
ENGL 2250Survey of American Literature I3
ENGL 2260Survey of American Literature II3
ENGL 2280Survey of British Literature I3
ENGL 2290Survey of British Literature II3
HUMX 1100Introduction to Humanities3
MUSC 1200Music Appreciation3
MUSC 1215World Music3
MUSC 1800Popular Music: Rock, Jazz, Country, and Hip-Hop3
MUSC 2200Music History and Literature I3
MUSC 2250Music History and Literature II3
PHIL 1500Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL 2000Comparative Religion3
PHOT 1000History of Photography3