Pre-Social Work Bridge Certificate (3264)

This certificate is designed to prepare students for transfer to the Youngstown State University baccalaureate degree in Human Services. It builds upon the core requirements included in both the Lakeland Community College Human Services associate degree program and the Youngstown State University baccalaureate degree transfer program.

Core Requirements

Course Title Credit Hours
BIOL 1140Human Biology3
ENGL 1110English Composition I (A) 13
or ENGL 1111 English Composition I (B)
ENGL 1120English Composition II3
HMSV 1115Introduction to Human Services3
HMSV 1120Fundamentals of the Helping Process3
HMSV 2116Social Welfare3
MATH 1330Statistics for the Health Sciences3-4
or MATH 1550 Statistics (A)
PHIL 1300Thinking Critically3
PHIL 2700Ethics3
POLS 1300U.S. National Government3
PSYC 1500Introduction to Psychology3
SOCY 1150Principles of Sociology3
SOCY 2250Introduction to Social Work3
Total Credit Hours39-40

English course selection is based on placement test results (ENGL 1111 English Composition I (B) is 4 credits, only 3 credits apply to the degree). 

Certificate Requirements

Course Title Credit Hours
ANTH 1160Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3
COMM 1100Effective Interpersonal Communications3
MATH 1600Survey of College Mathematics3
PHIL 2000Comparative Religion3
SOCY 1190Drug Use and U.S. Society2-3
or HMSV 1132 Introduction to Developmental Disabilities
or SOCY 2270 Sociology of Aging
Choose course(s) from the Natural Sciences Electives list3-4
Choose course(s) from the Social & Personal Awareness Electives list2-4
Choose course(s) from the Additional Electives list17
Total Credit Hours36-40


Course Title Credit Hours
Natural Science
BIOL 1150Plant Biology4
BIOL 1160Animal Biology4
BIOL 1170Ecology and Environmental Biology4
BIOL 1180Tropical Biology4
BIOL 1190Introduction to Evolutionary Biology4
BIOL 1510Principles of Biology I4
BIOL 1520Principles of Biology II4
CHEM 1050Chemistry in the Everyday World3
CHEM 1100Elementary Chemistry I: Intro to Inorganic Chemistry4
GEOL 1100Introduction to Physical Geology4
GEOL 1200Introductory Historical Geology4
PSCI 1400Introduction to Meteorology3
Social and Personal Awareness
ARTS 2230Survey of Art II3
BIOL 1030Environmental Issues and Solutions3
BIOL 1170Ecology and Environmental Biology4
ENGL 2235Contemporary Global Fiction3
ENGL 2248Literature by Women3
ENGL 2260Survey of American Literature II3
ENGL 2270Literature of Contemporary Global Conflict3
ENGL 2275Multicultural Literary Studies3
GEOG 1500Introduction to Geography3
GEOG 1600World Regional Geography3
HIST 1550World Civilization II: The Modern World3
HIST 2250U.S. History: Reconstruction to the Present3
HIST 2450Women in U.S. History2
HLTH 1300Nutrition and Family Health2
MUSC 1200Music Appreciation3
MUSC 1215World Music3
PEHR 1750Personal Health3
POLS 2200Introduction to International Relations3
POLS 2300Introduction to Comparative Politics3
POLS 2400Women and Politics3
PSYC 1400Human Sexuality3
PSYC 1700Psychology of Gender3
PSYC 2100Lifespan Development for Nursing3
PSYC 2700Abnormal Psychology3
SOCY 1190Drug Use and U.S. Society3
SOCY 2260Sociology of the Family3
SOCY 2280Social Problems3
Additional Electives
CRMJ 1130Crisis Intervention3
HMSV 1118Principles of Case Management3
HMSV 1132Introduction to Developmental Disabilities2
HMSV 2200Motivational Interviewing3
HMSV 2230Fundamentals of Addiction Counseling3
ITIS 1005Computer Essentials3
PSYC 2600Adult Development and Aging3
SOCY 1190Drug Use and U.S. Society3
SOCY 2260Sociology of the Family3
SOCY 2270Sociology of Aging3
SOCY 2280Social Problems3