Photography Certificate (2514)

Photography is a technology-driven field. This certificate is designed to provide students with training in the use of photographic equipment, software and best practices, which is vital in producing images of a professional caliber. In addition, training in visual literacy and the aesthetics of photography are key to success in this field. With a tendency in our economy towards sole proprietorships and small business development, the ability to earn such a certificate would enable both traditional and non-traditional students to garner the skills necessary to become their own entrepreneurs as photographers and to expand their rolls in existing employment positions.

Plan of Study Grid
First SemesterCredit Hours
GRDS 1375 Computer Graphics AI, ID and PS 3
PHOT 1105 Basic Photography - Digital 3
PHOT 2300 Introduction to Digital Photo Imaging 3
 Credit Hours9
Second Semester
BUSM 1620 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3
GRDS 2110 Graphic Production 3
PHOT 1400 Commercial Photography 3
 Credit Hours9
Third Semester
PHOT 1500 Portrait Photography 3
PHOT 1700 Color Photography 3
PHOT 2350 Advanced Digital Photo Imaging 3
PHOT 2650 Professional Practices in Photography 3
 Credit Hours12
 Total Credit Hours30