International Studies Certificate (5101)

The International Studies Certificate provides students with a broad introduction to the historical, political, geographical, economic, religious, and literary bases of the modern world. In addition, students will complete eight hours of language studies. Courses that fulfill the requirements of the certificate transfer to other colleges as general education credits. The curriculum aligns with the first two years of Cleveland State's international relations bachelor's degree.  A sheet listing pertinent courses can be obtained from the Center for International Education or the Counseling Center at Lakeland Community College.


Course Title Credit Hours
Select courses from the Modern Language list8
Select courses from the Core Courses list9
Select courses from the Electives list6
Total Credit Hours23

Modern Language

Course Title Credit Hours
FREN 1001Elementary French I4
FREN 1002Elementary French II4
GERM 1001Elementary German I4
GERM 1002Elementary German II4
ITAL 1001Elementary Italian I4
ITAL 1002Elementary Italian II4
SPAN 1001Elementary Spanish I4
SPAN 1002Elementary Spanish II4
Other languages considered by the International Education Committee on a case-by-case basis

Core Courses

Course Title Credit Hours
ECON 2500Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON 2700International Economics3
GEOG 1600World Regional Geography3
HIST 1550World Civilization II: The Modern World3
PHIL 2000Comparative Religion3
POLS 2200Introduction to International Relations3
POLS 2300Introduction to Comparative Politics3
POLS 2500Modern Political Ideologies3
SOCY 1150Principles of Sociology3


Course Title Credit Hours
ANTH 1160Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3
ARTS 2220Survey of Art I3
ARTS 2230Survey of Art II3
BUSM 1500International Business in a Global Environment 13
COMM 1100Effective Interpersonal Communications3
ENGL 2270Literature of Contemporary Global Conflict3
ENGL 2275Multicultural Literary Studies3
ENGL 2280Survey of British Literature I3
ENGL 2290Survey of British Literature II3
HIST 1150Western Civilization I: Antiquity Through the Reformation3
HIST 1250Western Civilization II: Age of Revolution Through the Present3
HIST 1450World Civilization I: The Ancient and Medieval World3
HIST 2750Latin American History3
HUMX 1100Introduction to Humanities3
IDST 2400The Spanish Speaking World3
LING 1500Introduction to Linguistics3
MUSC 1215World Music3
POLS 1700Model UN/Model NATO1

BUSM 1500 International Business in a Global Environment has a prerequisite of BUSM 1300 Introduction to Business or permission of instructor.