Chemical Technician Certificate (3701)

This certificate program prepares students for employment as chemical technicians. Working under the supervision of chemists and chemical engineers, chemical technicians use the principles and theories of chemistry to solve problems in research and development by operating and maintaining laboratory instruments, monitoring experiments, making observations, and calculating and recording results. They work with sophisticated laboratory equipment in performing testing and analyses on chemical samples, and synthesizing and improving products. In addition to performing routine tasks, chemical technicians may also develop and adapt new laboratory procedures to achieve the best results, interpret data, and devise solutions to problems.

A minimum GPA of 2.0 and a “C” grade or higher is required in all science and program-specific courses for graduation.

Note: CHEM 1500 General Chemistry I has prerequisites that include high school chemistry or CHEM 1100 Elementary Chemistry I: Intro to Inorganic Chemistry. Students may need to take additional courses if they do not already meet these prerequisite requirements.

Course Title Credit Hours
CHEM 1500General Chemistry I5
CHEM 1600General Chemistry II5
CHEM 2000Quantitative Analysis5
CHEM 2500Organic Chemistry I5
CHEM 2600Organic Chemistry II5
MATH 1650College Algebra (A)4
MATH 1700Trigonometry3
Total Credit Hours32