Biotechnology Science Certificate (3751)

This certificate is designed primarily for students with a baccalaureate or associate degree, and a basic science background including one year of college chemistry, cell biology, and general microbiology.

Admission to the Biotechnology Science program is required.

NOTE: BIOS 1500 Introduction to Biochemistry has prerequisites that include BIOL 1510 Principles of Biology I or an equivalent cellular biology course, and CHEM 1500 General Chemistry I or an equivalent chemistry course. BIOS 2100 Applied Microbiology has prerequisites that include BIOL 2700 Microbiology or an equivalent general microbiology course. Students may need to take additional courses if they have not already taken the prerequisite courses or their equivalent.

Course Title Credit Hours
BIOS 1050Introduction to Biotechnology Science3
BIOS 1200Biotechnology Science Lab Skills4
BIOS 1500Introduction to Biochemistry4
BIOS 1600Advanced Molecular Separations4
BIOS 2100Applied Microbiology3
BIOS 2400Tissue Culture3
BIOS 2500Recombinant DNA Technology4
BIOS 2550Introduction to Bioinformatics1
BIOS 2600Bioscience Manufacturing Processes4
BIOS 2700Internship3
BIOS 2800Biotechnology Science Seminar1
Total Credit Hours34