Veterans Educational Benefits

Lakeland’s Veterans Services Office, located in the Veteran Center in E-Bldg. Room E-118, is dedicated to helping active duty personnel, veterans, reservists and dependents attain their entitled educational benefits and achieve personal and professional goals. Visit the Veteran Services Office EVERY semester and submit a Veteran’s Registration Reporting Form to the college’s Veterans Benefit Certifying Specialist for continued receipt of VA educational benefits. Web address:

To Apply for Educational Benefits from the VA: The original application for VA Educational benefits (22-1990) must be submitted with a copy of the Veteran’s DD-214 member 4 copy (Chapters 30, 33, and 1607 only). Reservists (1606) must submit the Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE) and DD Form 2384 to the Veterans Benefit Certifying Specialist. The application form for Veteran Dependents is (22-5490). Application forms are available for electronic submission online at:

Certificate of Eligibility (COE): The Department of Veteran Affairs will issue a Certificate of Eligibility to the applicant stating eligibility for the Montgomery or Post-9/11 (Chapter 33) benefits. A copy of the COE is needed for the veteran’s file.

Prior Credit: Official transcripts of all previously attended colleges must be sent to the Lakeland Office of Admissions/Records. Veterans should also provide any ACE transcripts or CLEP grade reports. All prior credit must be reported to the Veterans Administration.

Program of Study: Every student who applies for VA benefits must have a stated objective and follow a program leading to completion of the objective. Please schedule an appointment with a Lakeland counselor, 440.525.7200, to formulate an education plan and evaluate prior college credit. ANY changes to this initial course of study MUST be reported and approved by the Veterans Benefit Certifying Specialist.

Physical Education Credit: A veteran who has had at least one year of active military service is eligible for two semester hours of physical education credit. Application should be made through the Veterans Benefit Certifying Specialist.

Schedule Changes: All course changes must be reported immediately to the Veterans Benefit Certifying Specialist and a change of status must be filed with the Veteran’s Administration.

Repayment of Benefits: If a veteran receives a grade of “W” in courses for which VA benefits were received, he/she may be required to repay all money received for those units. If mitigating circumstances exist, the veteran may qualify for a waiver of repayment from the Veterans Administration. Receiving “AW,” “FNA,” or “UNA” grades may result in a VA overpayment to the student. Lakeland’s Academic Standards Policy of satisfactory attendance, conduct and progress must be maintained to continue receiving VA Educational Benefits.

Enrollment Status: Veteran enrollment status is measured by the number of credit hours taken during a 16, eight, or five-week session. See below.

Veteran Enrollment Status by Number of Credit Hours

Status 16-Week Session 8-Week Session 5-Week Session
Full-time 12 credit hrs. 6 credit hrs. 4 credit hrs.
3/4 time 9 credit hrs. 4-5 credit hrs. 3 credit hrs.
1/2 time 6 credit hrs. 3 credit hrs. 2 credit hrs.
CH:33 Only over 50% Rate of Pursuit 7 credit hrs. 4 credit hrs. 3 credit hrs.

Contact the VA: Questions and concerns regarding VA education benefits and payments should be directed to the Veterans Administration at their website or call 1.888.442.4551.

Servicemembers Opportunity College: Lakeland Community College is recognized as a Servicemembers Opportunity College and is approved by the Ohio State Approving Agency for Veterans.