Academic Organization

Dr. Morris W. Beverage Jr., President
(Room D-2113, 440.525.7177)

Dr. Laura C. Barnard, Executive Vice President and Provost
(Room B-1054, 440.525.7096)

Academic Divisions

Applied Studies Division

Brian Cook, J.D., C.P.A., Interim Dean for Applied Studies (Room B-1047/T-153, 440.525.7084)

Computer, Design and Engineering Technologies

Areas of Study: Cisco Networking Technology and Network Security (CNET); Civil Engineering Technology and Construction Management (CIVT); Computer Integrated Manufacturing Technology (CIMN); Electronic Engineering Technology (ELEC); Engineering (ENGR); Graphic Design (GRDS); Information Technology and Computer Science (ITCS, ITDB, ITIS, ITON); Engineering Math (MATH 0890, 1001, 1101, 1201); Mechanical Engineering Technology (MECT); Media Technology (MDIA); Network Infrastructure Engineering Technology (CNET); Nuclear Engineering Technology (NUET); Photography (PHOT); Quality Engineering Technology (QENT); Welding (WELD); Apprenticeship Programs in Machine Tool Trades.

Department Chairs

Cisco Networking Technology and Network Security:  Dave Durkee, 440.525.7464

Civil Engineering Technology: Mike Mirwald, 440.525.7769
Computer Integrated Manufacturing: Debbie Lozano, 440.525.7279
Electronic Engineering Technology: Ken White, 440.525.7292
Graphic Design and Photography: Amy Hawk, 440.525.7046
Information Technology and Computer Science: Sue Baker, 440.525.7265
Media Technology: Robert Hill, 440.525.7132
Mechanical Engineering Technology: Debbie Lozano, 440.525.7279
Nuclear Engineering Technology: Arnold Killian, 440.525.7523

Education, Human and Public Services

Areas of Study: Criminal Justice/Corrections/Law Enforcement (CRMJ); Early Childhood Education (ECED); Education (EDUC); Emergency Management (EMGT); Fire Technology (FIRE); Human Services (HMSV)

Department Chairs

Criminal Justice: Gregory Truhan, 440.525.7136
Early Childhood Education: Paula Ahlstrom, 440.525.7835
Emergency Management: Lee Silvi, 440.525.7252
Fire Science: Lee Silvi, 440.525.7252
Human Services: Alice Walker 440.525.7216

Health Technologies

Deborah L. Hardy, Ed.D., Dean for Health Technologies (Room H-174, 440.525.7082)

Areas of Study: Biotechnology Science (BIOS); Dental Hygiene (DNHY); Emergency Medical Technology (EMTS-Basic and Paramedic); Healthcare Services (HLTH); Health Information Management Technology (HIMT); Histotechnology (HSTY); Medical Assisting (MDAS); Medical Laboratory Technology (MDLT); Multi-Skilled Health Technology; Nursing (NURS); Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTAS); Physical Education (PEHR); Polysomnography (POLY); Radiologic Technology (RADT); Respiratory Therapy (RESP); Surgical Technology (SURG)

Department Chairs

Biotechnology Science: Joe Deak, 440.525.7466
Dental Hygiene: Jennifer Barr, 440.525.7190
Health Information Management Technology: Christine Jerson, 440.525.7490
Histotechnology: Karen Stiffler, 440.525.7418
Medical Assisting:  440.525.7180
Medical Laboratory Technology: Kathryn Ertter, 440.525.7169
Multi-Skilled Technology: Kathryn Ertter, 440.525.7169
Nursing: Kathleen Gravens, 440.525.7416
Occupational Therapy Assistant, Barry Artis, 440.525.7798
Paramedic/Emergency Medical Technology, Alex Hearn:  440.525.7180
Physical Education: 440.525.7180
Radiologic Technology: Jack Thomas, 440.525.7074
Respiratory Therapy: Catherine Kenny, 440.525.7343
Surgical Technology: Janice Lawrenz, 440.525.7016


Areas of Study: Accounting (ACCT); Business (BUSM); Finance (FINN); Business Math (MATH 1040, 1050, 2130, 2135); Paralegal (PARL); Real Estate (REST-credit courses only)

Department Chairs

Accounting: Christine Corwin, 440.525.7286
Business Management: Connie Golden, 440.525.7340
Paralegal:  440.525.7085

Arts and Sciences Division

Constance Edwards, DMA, Associate Dean for Arts and Sciences (Room C-2067, 440.525.7091)

Brian Cook, J.D., C.P.A., Interim Dean for Social Sciences (Room B-1047/T-153, 440.525.7084)

Deborah L. Hardy, Ed.D., Interim Dean for Sciences (Room B-1054/H-174, 440.525.7082)

Arts and Humanities

Areas of Study: Art (ARTS); Dance (DANC); Humanities (HUMX); Music (MUSC); Philosophy (PHIL); Theatre (THEA)

Department Chairs

Fine Arts: 440.525.7261
Humanities/Philosophy: Doug Webb, 440.525.7160
Music: Matt Saunders, 440.525.7105

Languages and Communications

Areas of Study: American Sign Language (ASLI); Communication Studies (COMM); English (ENGL); Journalism (JRNL); Modern Languages (CHIN, FREN, GERM, ITAL, SLOV, SPAN)

Department Chairs

American Sign Language: Jeanette Brossmann, 440.525.7187
Communication Studies: Jeanette Brossmann, 440.525.7187
Composition/Language Literature Co-Chairs: Tobin Terry, 440.525.7740 and Angela Weaver, 440.525.7719

Sciences and Math

Areas of Study: Biology (BIOL); Chemistry (CHEM); Geology (GEOL); Mathematics (MATH) other than business and engineering; Physical Science (PSCI); Physics (PHYS)

Department Chairs

Biology: Justin Nussbaum, 440.525.7150
Chemistry: Jason Thomas, 440.525.7532
Mathematics: Bill Previts, 440.525.7552
Physical Sciences: 440.525.7304

Social Sciences

Areas of Study: Anthropology (ANTH); Economics (ECON); Geography and Geospatial Technology (GEOG); History (HIST); Interdisciplinary Studies (IDST); Political Science (POLS); Psychology (PSYC); Sociology (SOCY); Urban Studies (URST)

Department Chairs

Behavioral Social Sciences (ANTH, PSYC, SOCY, URST): Gloria Gartner, 525.7834
Geography/Geospatial Technology: Mark Guizlo, 525.7251
Macro Social Sciences (ECON, HIST, POLS): Jennifer Nalmpantis, 525.7199

Instructional Support

Student Learning and Support Services

Deborah L. Hardy, Ed.D., Associate Provost for Teaching and Learning and Dean of Faculty (Room B-1054, 440.525.7446)
Accreditation; AQIP; Curriculum Management; Department & Program Review; Faculty Orientation; Faculty Professional Development; Learning Assessment; Part-Time Faculty Coordination

Richard J. Novotny, Associate Vice President of Student Development and Dean of Students (Room S-243, 440.525.7358)
Athletics; Bookstore; Career Services; Event Services & Campus Dining; Hispanic Program; Men’s Resource Center; Student Engagement & Leadership; Veterans Services; Women’s Center